Long-overdue update!

            The Institute for Foreign Languages and its Associates have happily been working on the 2nd floor of the Carriage House at 118 Wood Street, right behind Wells Fargo Bank with ample parking for its clients. We like being in the heart of Doylestown Borough, close to its shops and restaurants and not far from the train station.

We continue to teach, translate and interpret the languages of the world and share our mission with individuals and organizations near us. Each year, our Associates and our students also travel to near and distance parts of the world and continue to enrich our lives with their experiences when they return to Doylestown. 

Our current pool of Associates includes familiar colleagues who have been with the Institute for some years such as Gina Nichols and Anna Calabria, both teaching Italian, and Bernard Vieille (French) and more recent additions to our professional family such as Missy Crossland (Spanish), Donaldo Schulz (French) and Eric Cavatore  (French). Eric has also redesigned the Institute website: Please let us know what you think about his changes and deduct 10% from the cost of your first or next set of language lessons!! 

Or get a 10% discount for your first post on "Facebook.com/IFLDoylestown" because you will be complementing the creative page management by our Spanish colleague Cynthia Ramirez,     when she is not engaged in teaching Spanish or Italian or translating it.

In addition, we maintain active on-site teaching programs in Russian and Chinese and look to Associates Svetlana Karamyan and Lucille Morgnanesi to respond to our clients' needs, as well   as interpretation services in most other languages--we are your one-stop place for ALLyour needs     in foreign languages!